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Passenger Safety Legislation Signed into Law

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 1422, authored by Assemblymember Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove), will require Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar to participate in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Employer Pull Notice Program. The Bill was signed today by Governor Brown.

“AB 1422 will improve safety on our roads, particularly for passengers utilizing Uber and other similar transportation services,” said Cooper. “I am very pleased and I applaud the Governor for signing this important public safety legislation.”

Grape Escape to Return Thanks to New Legislation

SACRAMENTO--Sacramento's annual Grape Escape event brings wine, beer and food lovers together every June for the last 15 years - except one.

"The Grape Escape has been in Sacramento for 15 years and last year it got canceled because of old prohibitionary laws, the tied-house laws," Assemblymember Jim Cooper said.

Cooper Saves Grape Escape

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 776, authored by Assemblymember Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove), will address recent concerns involving the Grape Escape. The bill was signed today by Governor Jerry Brown.

“Events like the Grape Escape are a tourism boost for the region and showcase our talented local vintners and craft brewers,” said Cooper. “I thank Governor Brown for signing this bill; alcohol regulations should not penalize lawful wineries and breweries for promoting their products at public events and on social media. AB 776 will ensure that events like the Grape Escape can go forward throughout the state without breaking the law.”

Cooper’s Agriculture Legislation Signed by Governor

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 732, authored by Assemblymember Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove), pertaining to the transfer of cattle was signed today by Governor Brown.

“California’s family farmers that raise cattle are facing increasing economic pressure to remain competitive and passing on family farms has become difficult due to unnecessary inspection fees,” said Cooper. “AB 732 will reduce costs to families working to maintain their farms and bring on the next generation to continue California’s successful farming tradition.”

Legislation to Help Juvenile Offenders Signed Into Law

Cooper’s Agriculture Bill Also Signed

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 989, authored by Assemblymember Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove), will assist juvenile offenders on their path to becoming productive members of society. The bill was signed today by Governor Brown.

“I applaud Governor Brown for signing AB 989 into law,” said Cooper. “This bill will lead to more personalized treatment plans, better outcomes, successful futures, and will help reduce recidivism rates among our youth.”

Cooper’s Bill to Assist the City of Elk Grove Signed by Governor

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 906, authored by Assemblymember Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove), will update the city of Elk Grove’s proportionate share payment agreement with Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT) to reflect changes since Elk Grove incorporated as a city in 2000. The bill was signed today by Governor Brown.

“I thank Governor Brown for signing this important bill for the people of Elk Grove,” said Cooper. “Elk Grove taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief and know that their proportionate share payment to RT will be fairly negotiated.”

Cooper, Chamber host Tax Credit Workshop

Assemblyman Jim Cooper, along with the Galt District Chamber of Commerce, hosted a California Competes Tax Credit Workshop on Thursday, Sept. 17. Assemblyman Cooper is raising awareness for programs which assist local businesses as they expand. The California Competes Tax Credit provides state income tax credits for businesses, large and small, that are expanding their workforce.

Bill will undercut ability to investigate sexual predators

For more than a decade, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has been effective in investigating and prosecuting sexual predators who target children through the use of the Internet and social media. Law enforcement has successfully used social media to investigate sexual predators while protecting the privacy rights of consumers.

As a former law enforcement officer with 30 years of experience and as the commander of the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force for three years, I have worked tirelessly to protect our children from sexual exploitation.