Cooper Secures Major Funding for Kammerer Road Extension Project

Thursday, May 17, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove) announced today that he has formally secured $25 million dollars in funding for Elk Grove’s Kammerer Road Extension Project and the Capital Southeast Connector.


In March and again earlier this month, Assemblymember Cooper addressed the California Transportation Commission (CTC) and requested $25 million in funding for the City of Elk Grove’s number one infrastructure priority.


“Improvements to Kammerer Road and the Capital Southeast Connector are critical to meet the growing population of Elk Grove and the greater Sacramento region,” said Assemblymember Jim Cooper. “I applaud the CTC’s unanimous vote to approve SB1 Trade Corridor Enhancement Program funding for these important infrastructure projects.”


The Kammerer Road Extension Project cost is $60 million, and the City of Elk Grove has $35 million in local funds already programmed, which left a funding gap of $25 million.


In Addition, the CTC approved funding for high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes on Interstate 5, a major travel corridor for Elk Grove residents.


“Assemblymember Cooper recognizes the critical importance that this project represents for Elk Grove and the greater Sacramento region. As Elk Grove’s number one infrastructure project, improvements to Kammerer Road will increase public safety, improve regional traffic flow, and foster the development of job centers in the south county,” said Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly.


The Kammerer Road Extension project will create a critical link between two major north-south transportation corridors, Interstate 5 and State Route 99. As a key part of the Capital Southeast Connector, the project will further facilitate the reduction of traffic congestion on State Route 99, Interstate 5, arterial off-ramps, and connector roadways in the Sacramento region, significantly reducing greenhouse carbon emissions in the central valley.


The CTC reviewed Assemblymember Cooper’s funding request during this month’s Commission meeting and granted approval of $25 million dollars for the City of Elk Grove’s Kammerer Road Extension Project.


Assemblymember Cooper represents the Cities of Sacramento, Elk Grove, Galt, and Lodi.

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